Next donations!

So, as you might expect, after the initial surge of purchases on launch, the numbers went a bit down.

But Tuesday’s and Saturday’s donations combined meant a total of £46 to each charity. MSF doesn’t take pence, so there is £0.61 left waiting for the next round.

It might sound like chicken feed (a poultry amount? I’m so sorry.) But it’s not nothing. It’s worth it. You have no idea what those £££ might get – quite a few meals for homeless and struggling people, or PPE equipment for MSF doctors going to some of the most dangerous parts of the world? It’s all good. Is it enough? No, but it’s infinitely better than nothing.

And hopefully there are lots of other charitable efforts, all making their small differences because “many a mickle maks a muckle” as the old folks round here would say.

If you’ve already bought your copy, thank you! You can still help by telling friends about it. If you have a social media presence, please spread the word by posting about it. Tell people what your favourite stories were! Put the website address in your newsletter! Pose with your e-reader on our gorgeous cover for Instagram! There are plenty of ways to help.

And if pennies are tight, don’t feel guilty about not buying our anthology. If you want to help, please do just spread the word. All we can do is the best we can do, but it’s just as valid a contribution as cash money!

Stay safe, everyone.

glasgow tenement reflected in a puddle
Photo courtesy of Christopher Napier

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