How to use/read

What do I get from my purchase?

You will receive a zip file containing 3 different formats of e-book (.mobi, .epub, .pdf) so that it can be read on many different types of e-reader. (See below for more info.)

Once you have purchased, you will be given a download link with a file, which you should then save to your local device (laptop, phone etc). It is approximately 1.6MB. Make sure you have enough data or a steady WiFi connection to prevent errors. Remember where you saved it!

Once you have the zip file downloaded, you should use a programme which can unzip it. On Windows, for example, there is a built-in system for this. You may need to install one (more info below).

Then you will need to load it to your e-reader, if you have one. See below for a list of how to do this. If in doubt, please consult the manufacturer for more detail. You will be able to read the PDF from virtually any device that supports this, perhaps with an app (likely called PDF reader or similar). Many internet browsers also support this file format.

Unzipping your file after download

On Windows, right click on the zip file and choose “extract all”. It will unzip the file folder into the same directory where the .zip was located. You can then go into this folder and select the individual file you might need.

See this website for instructions for iPhone unzip.

And here for unzipping with Android

And here for Macs

Which of these formats do I need?

  • Kindle e-reader or phone app -> .mobi
  • Nook -> .epub
  • Kobo -> .epub or .mobi
  • On your laptop -> .pdf
  • Other? If we missed out a popular reader please let us know, but in the meantime, please consult the manufacturer’s website.

Loading the file to your device

Once you’ve downloaded, unzipped, and identified the right format, now is time to load it onto your device!

Kindle e-reader

Option 1 – email it to your device. Find out your device’s address by looking under settings for the “Send to Kindle Email Address”. You may use your regular email client to send an email to this address with the .mobi file as an attachment. You do not need to enter text or a subject into the email.

Option 2 – use a USB cable (use the one included with your Kindle, or use one with data transfer capabilities, check for the symbol (USB data icon)). Connect the USB cable to your computer or device. Locate the file, then transfer it to your document folder on the Kindle.

Kindle cloud reader / app

Remember to sync your device and check your display settings are showing all documents.

Find out more help for your Kindle, and how to load content at


Connect your Nook device to the computer where you downloaded the files via a USB cable. (For Nooks or Android devices, please ensure you have enabled USB transfers after you’ve plugged in.)

On your computer, navigate to where you downloaded the book files and locate the .epub file. On your computer, you should see the Nook as a removable drive. Double click on this and look for the “Books” folder. Copy and paste the .epub into here. Once your file has transferred, click “Eject drive” on your computer to safely remove the USB cable.

Not looking right? Need more info? Please see the Nook pages for more help for your particular case.


Turn on your Kobo e-reader and connect it to the computer where you downloaded the book files. Use the supplied USB cable. When your Kobo detects the computer it will display a notification on its screen. Tap “connect”.

Your computer should now display a drive called “Kobo eReader” or similar. Drag the ePub files from your computer into this drive. Once transfer is finished, eject your Kobo reader device for safe disconnection.

See the Kobo help pages for more information.

None of this working for you?

Perhaps the PDF version is the right one for you. It has been sized to A5 but if you require a different size, please contact us and we will see what we can do! It should work on most internet browsers, or could be opened in Microsoft Word or similar packages. Most other e-Readers will also cope with PDFs and load in a similar way to the above instructions.