Happy book birthday to us

We’re so proud to bring you our anthology! In only one week, we have gone from concept to launch.

It wouldn’t have happened if the need wasn’t urgent. COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus has wreaked devastation on a lot of people. Apart from the danger and loss of the virus itself, many lives are being shattered by loss of income, lack of support, uncertainty, and isolation. People have lost family, homes, livelihoods. We want to help the worst off.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Napier

Each of the authors inside the books have donated their work so that 100% of the profits can go to charity. And that’s not profits minus some administration fees, board members’ salary, advertising costs, etc. No, the only things coming out of your donations are things we have no control over such as PayPal fees. (Although, PayPal, if you’re listening…?)

As such, if you could post us to your social media and encourage others to do the same, it would be a big help. We’re not doing expensive sponsored posts, it would take too much away from the donations, (and for dubious returns). So we rely on good will from people like you!

Anyway, the stories inside have been curated so that the light and dark sides of our writing balance each other out. There is some serious or gory moments (though not toooo gory), but they’re followed by funny, rambunctious, or uplifting ones. And there is plenty of Scottish pride on display, but not exclusively. The lengths go from flash to decent short stories. We hope there’s something for everyone.

And check out that cover, folks. Something beautiful to look at while you’re dreaming of floating away.

Flotation Device COVID Charity Anthology Book Cover
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Stay safe, everyone.

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