Who are the GSFWC?

GSFWC is a critique workshop for writers of fantastical literature based in Scotland. For the last 30 years its members have had regular meetings to work on stories, support each other, and socialise.

Are you a registered charity?

No, we are acting in a private capacity, and passing funds to registered charities. Please see our About this project page for more info.

Can I share this ebook with a friend?

We’d prefer it if you bought them a separate copy, and sent that on rather than your own copy. Come on, it’s for charity!

Aargh! I clicked the wrong thing and now I can’t download!

Contact us with the details of your purchase, and an email address, and we will help you out. The system will record if you have made a legit purchase and all will be resolved as far as humanly possible.

How can I help (apart from buying the book)?

Please tell your friends and direct them to our website. Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media to let them know and don’t forget to link! Why not take a pic of you reading the e-book and post it to your friends?

Why is this not available on Amazon (or other big retailers)?

We wanted maximum donations to go to the charities, so we decided to cut out the middleman and offer it direct. While most people are more familiar with how to get a book onto their e-reader with those systems, we have provided information on how you can load the stories without using these. And we’re sure you’d like to make sure more of your donation is going to those who need it, and not the profits of a company, right?