Donations round 6!

Still plugging away!

We’re still going with our donations to Trussell Trust, MSF, and Simon Community, you’ll be happy to know. This week, £24 each to the charities. It could be higher! Don’t forget, if you want to help us out, a little social media link to our homepage will go a long way.


And in the meantime, we got a great review from SFcrowsnest! In it, Eamonn Murphy gives his take and describes some of the stories, so if you’ve ever wondered about the book and didn’t know it was for you, take a gander!

Do you run a website that could review our book? Get in touch for a review copy. Or perhaps you know someone who does, and can give their elbow a nudge? Even if you don’t, any word you can get out is greatly appreciated. Tell a friend, make a social media post, learn semaphore – it’s all good! 😊

But most of all, stay safe, stay well!

photograph of some trees
Photo courtesy of Christopher Napier

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