Donations round 5

A milestone, imitation is the sincerest form, a thank you, a plea for help…

Despite a lull in our promo duties, there are still donations trickling in, and we’re proud to announce we’ve gone over the £500 mark!

That’s amazing, when you consider we are a smaller group doing everything by ourselves. MSF, Trussell Trust, and Simon Community have all benefited from a third of the proceeds each.

And of course, we can’t thank you enough if you bought a copy to make this happen. You should feel proud, too!

In other news, we hear that we’ve inspired some others to do their own! The wonderful Ian Whates of NewCon Press has assembled another anthology of SFF tales, and donations are to the NHS. So, please also buy and help donate to our amazing medical staff working so hard for us. (It also features Neil Williamson and Gary Gibson, two GSFWC alumni!)

Get your copy here:

Can you help us? Just a few minutes out of your day…

To make a difference, it would really help us if you, yes, you, could put a shout out on your social media feeds, or email some colleagues, leave a link on your favourite forum!

You could make a little post about your favourite stories, do some fan art, anything! We can’t do this without support and the more shares we get, the more donations will go to help fight the effects of COVID-19 which is devastating so many families.

Here’s a graphic to get you started, instructions below on how to use this:

Flotation Device Book
Right click on the above image to save this graphic to your device (remember where it saved to) then post on social media with the link to – or scroll through the GSFWC Twitter account to find more!

Thanks again, all!

Rain on a window
Photo courtesy of Christopher Napier

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