Donation round 4

The donations are still trickling in, and we want to thank YOU if you were among them. Today was the fourth round of donations to the Trussell Trust, MSF UK, and Simon Community Scotland.

Only today, the Simon Community tweeted about volunteers driving around and distributing much needed food and essentials to people in need in the local area. Some of those supplies may well have been bought with your donations. That’s real, tangible help provided by people’s love of a SFFH tale. Feels good, right?

Another Tweet that is appropriate for today came from MSF UK’s feed. How to help yourself deal with the stress of this situation.

And if you wondered about donating food as well as money to Trussell Trust, here’s some info for you!

Help us keep helping

Today’s donations were £24 each to the above charities, but we want more! So, please help us by making a Tweet, Facebook post, Instagram selfie, or some other kind of shout out about Flotation Device. Don’t forget to include a link!

The light will break through the darkness soon, so stay safe, stay strong, and if you can, stay home.

sunlight on water
Photo courtesy of Christopher Napier

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