Donations & some more news!

Round 7 of our donations and now we’re slowing to only be able to accumulate enough to do this about once a month. But good news – we might soon have a wee competition! You can win an extra copy for yourself or as a present.

Think about it, a unique collection, made under extraordinary circumstances, for one of the weirdest times the world has seen. A piece of history! So, details will be coming soon.


Donations round 6!

Still plugging away!

We’re still going with our donations to Trussell Trust, MSF, and Simon Community, you’ll be happy to know. This week, £24 each to the charities. It could be higher! Don’t forget, if you want to help us out, a little social media link to our homepage will go a long way.


And in the meantime, we got a great review from SFcrowsnest! In it, Eamonn Murphy gives his take and describes some of the stories, so if you’ve ever wondered about the book and didn’t know it was for you, take a gander!

Do you run a website that could review our book? Get in touch for a review copy. Or perhaps you know someone who does, and can give their elbow a nudge? Even if you don’t, any word you can get out is greatly appreciated. Tell a friend, make a social media post, learn semaphore – it’s all good! 😊

But most of all, stay safe, stay well!

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Now available with translation!

Brian M. Milton’s “Some of the Great Old Ones are on the Pitch” is one of our funniest wee stories. But some of our readers may have been scratching their heads at the Scottish words in it, so the author has kindly provided a (somehow even funnier) translation!

He has offered this as a wee thank you to our supporters. What a lovely thought! If you want to have a giggle, go to his blog at

You can also see other fantastic free fiction that Brian has written while you’re there and if you want to catch up on Twitter, his handle is @munchkinstein.

Support COVID-19 / Coronavirus charities when you buy a copy of Flotation Device.

Donations round 5

A milestone, imitation is the sincerest form, a thank you, a plea for help…

Despite a lull in our promo duties, there are still donations trickling in, and we’re proud to announce we’ve gone over the £500 mark!

That’s amazing, when you consider we are a smaller group doing everything by ourselves. MSF, Trussell Trust, and Simon Community have all benefited from a third of the proceeds each.

And of course, we can’t thank you enough if you bought a copy to make this happen. You should feel proud, too!

In other news, we hear that we’ve inspired some others to do their own! The wonderful Ian Whates of NewCon Press has assembled another anthology of SFF tales, and donations are to the NHS. So, please also buy and help donate to our amazing medical staff working so hard for us. (It also features Neil Williamson and Gary Gibson, two GSFWC alumni!)

Get your copy here:

Can you help us? Just a few minutes out of your day…

To make a difference, it would really help us if you, yes, you, could put a shout out on your social media feeds, or email some colleagues, leave a link on your favourite forum!

You could make a little post about your favourite stories, do some fan art, anything! We can’t do this without support and the more shares we get, the more donations will go to help fight the effects of COVID-19 which is devastating so many families.

Here’s a graphic to get you started, instructions below on how to use this:

Flotation Device Book
Right click on the above image to save this graphic to your device (remember where it saved to) then post on social media with the link to – or scroll through the GSFWC Twitter account to find more!

Thanks again, all!

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Donation round 4

The donations are still trickling in, and we want to thank YOU if you were among them. Today was the fourth round of donations to the Trussell Trust, MSF UK, and Simon Community Scotland.

Only today, the Simon Community tweeted about volunteers driving around and distributing much needed food and essentials to people in need in the local area. Some of those supplies may well have been bought with your donations. That’s real, tangible help provided by people’s love of a SFFH tale. Feels good, right?

Another Tweet that is appropriate for today came from MSF UK’s feed. How to help yourself deal with the stress of this situation.

And if you wondered about donating food as well as money to Trussell Trust, here’s some info for you!

Help us keep helping

Today’s donations were £24 each to the above charities, but we want more! So, please help us by making a Tweet, Facebook post, Instagram selfie, or some other kind of shout out about Flotation Device. Don’t forget to include a link!

The light will break through the darkness soon, so stay safe, stay strong, and if you can, stay home.

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Next donations!

So, as you might expect, after the initial surge of purchases on launch, the numbers went a bit down.

But Tuesday’s and Saturday’s donations combined meant a total of £46 to each charity. MSF doesn’t take pence, so there is £0.61 left waiting for the next round.

It might sound like chicken feed (a poultry amount? I’m so sorry.) But it’s not nothing. It’s worth it. You have no idea what those £££ might get – quite a few meals for homeless and struggling people, or PPE equipment for MSF doctors going to some of the most dangerous parts of the world? It’s all good. Is it enough? No, but it’s infinitely better than nothing.

And hopefully there are lots of other charitable efforts, all making their small differences because “many a mickle maks a muckle” as the old folks round here would say.

If you’ve already bought your copy, thank you! You can still help by telling friends about it. If you have a social media presence, please spread the word by posting about it. Tell people what your favourite stories were! Put the website address in your newsletter! Pose with your e-reader on our gorgeous cover for Instagram! There are plenty of ways to help.

And if pennies are tight, don’t feel guilty about not buying our anthology. If you want to help, please do just spread the word. All we can do is the best we can do, but it’s just as valid a contribution as cash money!

Stay safe, everyone.

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First donations!

This morning, to my surprise, the donations had added up to £187.14! (5.99 donations minus a variable PayPal fee of £0.47 to £0.59, presumably dependent on buyer location).

£62 each to Simon Community Scotland, the Trussell Trust, and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). A little left over to buffer any unexpected PayPal shenanigans. But it looks as if there weren’t any unforeseen charges there, so tomorrow the charities will get as close to exactly 1/3 of donations as mathematically possible!

donation thanks screenshots

In other news, we now have a shiny new email address for any enquiries so if you are having issues, send us a message using our contact form and the replies will come from admin “at” flotationdevicebook “dot co dot uk”.

Thanks to all who donated! You should feel good about yourselves!


Happy book birthday to us

We’re so proud to bring you our anthology! In only one week, we have gone from concept to launch.

It wouldn’t have happened if the need wasn’t urgent. COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus has wreaked devastation on a lot of people. Apart from the danger and loss of the virus itself, many lives are being shattered by loss of income, lack of support, uncertainty, and isolation. People have lost family, homes, livelihoods. We want to help the worst off.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Napier

Each of the authors inside the books have donated their work so that 100% of the profits can go to charity. And that’s not profits minus some administration fees, board members’ salary, advertising costs, etc. No, the only things coming out of your donations are things we have no control over such as PayPal fees. (Although, PayPal, if you’re listening…?)

As such, if you could post us to your social media and encourage others to do the same, it would be a big help. We’re not doing expensive sponsored posts, it would take too much away from the donations, (and for dubious returns). So we rely on good will from people like you!

Anyway, the stories inside have been curated so that the light and dark sides of our writing balance each other out. There is some serious or gory moments (though not toooo gory), but they’re followed by funny, rambunctious, or uplifting ones. And there is plenty of Scottish pride on display, but not exclusively. The lengths go from flash to decent short stories. We hope there’s something for everyone.

And check out that cover, folks. Something beautiful to look at while you’re dreaming of floating away.

Flotation Device COVID Charity Anthology Book Cover
Click the cover to float back to the home page

Stay safe, everyone.


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