About this project

As a group, the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle (the GSFWC) have donated stories towards this charity anthology to benefit those who have suffered as a result of the COVID-19 catastrophe. From concept to launch, this process has taken just one week, thanks to the speed of digital publication.

About donations and where they will go

We will not be distributing funds ourselves, as we are not a registered charity, rather passing donations to selected charities so that they may assist those in need most efficiently.

Charity beneficiaries:

Through this mix of global, nationwide, and local charities, we hope to do the most good for those who need it most. COVID-19 disproportionately affects those in precarious situations and when you buy and read our anthology, your donation is making a difference, and you have something entertaining to read, particularly useful for those in self-isolation!

Of course, you do not need to buy a book in order to make a donation, so if that is your preferred course of action, please donate directly! Our aim is to promote the cause and bring attention to charities who are working to save as many as possible from the harms of COVID-19.

We will update our blog with donations as and when they are made. We aim for transparency, and will donate as much of the proceeds as possible. We will not be taking expenses for ourselves, but banking systems and so forth may take a fee for transferring funds etc, which is beyond our control.

Why only an e-book?

We are sorry this book is only in electronic format, but it can be read on many different types of devices, including on laptops and mobile phones. And it would require a much longer time to create a paper version, all delays that prevent donations going where they are needed.

How long will this anthology be available?

We foresee that donations will be required long after the initial crisis dies down as many will have been turned out of their homes for not being able to work, businesses and organisations will have been economically devastated making it harder for life as normal to recommence.

So the answer to that question is: as long as we can still make a difference.

And finally…

If you have donated, whether by buying the book, or by direct donation, thank you!

If you have any queries regarding this project, please see the FAQs in the first instance. If there are no answers to your questions there, please contact us. We will answer as many as we can, but please bear in mind that most of us have day jobs and will do what we can.